Mon, 22. May. 2017

Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Young People

Expert Conference

The aim of the EU project Enterprise+, in which the UDE-Chair of Economics and Economic Education is participating, is to point out and to foster entrepreneurial potential of young people. For this purpose a conference with international experts will be held under the title: „Entrepreneurship Education in Europe between (Youth-) Unemployment and Digitalization in the Economy.“ In line with this theme, a presentation titled “losleger: The potential analysis for the entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Professional orientation of youths and young adults” will be held by the speaker Prof. Retzmann and Anh Dinh (University of Duisburg-Essen). This event with experts will take place from June 1st and 2nd starting at 9.00 o’clock in the conference room II (Tagungsraum II) at the canteen lobby (Mensafoyer) of Ruhr- University Bochum. AgendaRegistration by May 29th per email:
enterprise-konferenz (at) ruhr-uni-bochum.deFor further information: or