ethos – Business- and Economical ethics in Economic and Political Education

ethos – Business- and Economical ethics in Economic and Political education

Innovative teaching units regarding the topic of Business- and Economic ethics are developed and put to test in the course of this project. Every ethos-teaching unit represents the elaboration of a recommendable course-programme for Economic and Political education starting in grade 10. The ethos course-programme is designed in modular teaching units and can therefore be used flexibly in different class contexts. Primary target groups are teachers of economics and politics at general education high schools as well as high schools focusing on economics, however, also teachers of economics and politics at vocational schools (focusing on economics) should be approached. The target groups are supposed to be enabled to put the teaching units to use in a qualified and productive manner.

In 2012, the ethos-project received the Max Weber award for business ethics in the category educational books.

In 2014, the book “Business and Corporate Ethics” was awarded the SCHULE-WIRTSCHAFT-Textbook-Award for Economic Education, founded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, in the category “Economic Education in secondary schools”.

Project management: Prof. Dr. Thomas Retzmann (University of Duisburg-Essen) / Prof. Dr. Tilman Grammes (University of Hamburg)

Project funding: Wertevolle Zukunft – Stiftung für ethisches Handeln / Deutsche Stiftung für Warenlehre

Project aim: Development of innovative teaching units for Business- and Economical ethics

Project period: December 2007 until July 2014

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