Schülerwarentest digital – Interactive education of commodity specific knowledge with digital media

Digital media offer new possibilities in terms of providing and processing information, but also new opportunities for interaction (student-student, student-teacher) both inside and outside the classroom. Nonetheless, the potential of digital media has not been used for the education of commodity specific knowledge at all. Mobile terminals serve at best for researching information or as multimedia devices. However, they offer completely new possibilities of interacting in class – on the one hand, between the educators and the students, and on the other hand, among the students. Tablets enable the integration of mobile learning in the education of commodity specific knowledge. Interactive features/services intend to inspire the learners to participate actively and constructively. It is also important to keep the possibility of networking in mind in order to foster communicative exchange.

The project “Schülerwarentest digital – Interactive education of commodity specific knowledge with digital media” addresses all the above mentioned possibilities. An exemplary type of lessons for the education of commodity specific will be developed, tested and evaluated. For the first-time exploration of the interactive possibilities of digital teaching media for the education of commodity specific knowledge, the comparable product/commodity test (German: Warentest) will serve as a useful foundation, which for instance has been discussed in Methodentraining für den Ökonomieunterricht (Volume I).

The test does not depend on the content, offers a rather explorative and hence universal methodology for evaluating the qualities of products, which facilitate its transfer into a digital, interactive format. Since the test only serve as a methodological framework, the decision about content and examples remains completely up to the teachers and learners. This ensures that the field of possible application is maximized.

Teachers of general and vocational full time secondary schools II are addressed as users. The module is applicable for the education of commodity specific knowledge (vocational education) or within the scope of consumer education (general economic education).

The Schülerwarentest digital-module will be tested and evaluated in two partner schools. After its finalization, it will be offered in app stores of different operating system providers as well as on a homepage, where it can be downloaded for free.


Project management:  Prof. Dr. Thomas Retzmann, Universität Duisburg-Essen

Projekt partner:           Dr. Michael Schuhen, Manuel Froitzheim (Center for Economic Education in Siegen)

Project funding:           Deutsche Stiftung für Warenlehre

Project aim:                 Design, testing, evaluation and dissemination of an interactive type of lessons with digital media for education of knowledge of goods

Projekt period:            January 2018 –  June 2019